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Qualified Mass Tort Lead & Case Generation

Finding the perfect place to call home can be hard. Our team of creatives and specialists makes real estate easy.

woman in dress holding sword figurine
woman in dress holding sword figurine
Reliable Results

Often other legal marketing firms deliver unqualified leads from single form fills. We go beyond to unsure that your leads have the greatest potentials.

Untapped Firm Growth

Be in the drivers seat with your lead generation partner and unlock your firm's potential. We deploy custom strategies nationwide with unlimited upside.

Get Clients You Want

Our leading-edge approach to case generation rapidly qualifies potential claimants and data collection so you can focus on the people you serve.


Why Choose Us?


Benefits of outsourcing Mass Tort

The Benefits to you

Outsourcing is the practice of hiring another party to perform given tasks rather than passing these responsibilities to your internal team or hiring new employees to carry them out. It can often provide a business numerous benefits, including freeing up personnel to focus on more important duties while maintaining lower costs.

Save Time - Increase the speed, accuracy and quality of your case development.

Increase Efficiency - Make the administrative side of your litigation process much more efficient

Streamline - Streamline your process and eliminate procedures that can lead to confusion and poor outcomes.

Save Money - Avoid having to hire and train additional staff, which can be stressful and time consuming.

Less Admin - Free up yourself and your staff to focus on settling your clients’ cases rather than having to deal with administrative tasks.

Who Is LTN ?

Legal Tort Network is the result of years of collaboration with some of the nations top law firms and our passionate mission to provide unmatched mass tort case lead generation services that go far beyond what our competitors are able to provide.

Our approach has always been to jump into the trenches with our partners to understand your needs and build out high-impact digital campaigns. Our revolutionary structure is built on efficiency, data aggregation, analysis, technology, and transparency.


Miriam Hayes

The mass tort world is a challenging one because there is so much to keep up with and manage. For us, partnering with LTN made so much sense.
Their team is great at keeping clients engage through the case development pipeline and keeping things on track. Their responsiveness second to none.

James and Susan Smith

We consider LTN to be an extension of our staff. Their Intake team does an excellent job coordinating the with clients and make them understand if there stays any confusions. This also saves us from hiring additional staff as our mass tort case load grows.



The LTN leadership team shares a common passion for empowering law firms as they seek justice for clients who have been injured.

Their collective experience spans medicine, technology, law, finance, operations and many other areas. Together, they form a team that is setting the standard in litigation support services.

Tim Howard

Founder, CEO


Director of Lead Operation

Greg Lupo

Vice President, Sales


Director of Digital Marketing


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